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The Irish Society for European Law

was established in 1973 as an association of practicing and academic lawyers with the object of promoting the study and practice of European Law in Ireland. It pursues this objective through: the organisation of public lectures and workshops on topics of current interest relating to the law of the European Union and European Human Rights law; the publication of the Irish Journal of European Law; the preparation and dissemination of papers for the Fédération Internationale de Droit Européen (FIDE), of which the Society is the Irish affiliated member.

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Competition Law Forum

ISEL’s Competition Law Forum is a regular forum for debate and discussion on Irish and EU competition law and policy. The Forum provides members and non-members with an opportunity to participate in informal roundtable discussions on current developments and to interact with Irish and international policy makers, practitioners and commentators in this constantly evolving area. Details of upcoming events and materials from previous sessions are available on the Competition Law Forum homepage.

Procurement Law Forum

ISEL’s Procurement Law Forum provides regular sessions for analysis and discussion of current issues in Irish and EU procurement law and policy. The Forum features notable speakers in the area from Ireland and abroad and offers members and non-members expert insights in this legally complex and economically vital area. Details of upcoming events and materials from previous sessions are available on the Procurement Law Forum homepage.

Recent Events

27 May 2020
Webinar: Annual Review of Important Competition Law Developments Join us for ISEL's very first webinar, which will be an online version of Prof. Richard Whish's annual update for the ISEL on developments in...

Irish Journal of European Law

The Irish Journal for European Law is Ireland’s leading journal dedicated to the analysis of European law. The Journal’s homepage provides the latest edition of the Journal together with access to previous editions.

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